The Drum Story

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The Drum Story

Step 1: The Project

A company that makes and sells drums came to us and asked for help in replicating a very specific type of snare drum that was used in many famous rock & roll recordings but was no longer available. They wanted us to provide a copper ring that would make up the body of the drum.


Step 2: The Process

We tried several ways of producing this and discovered that deep drawing it was the only way that would produce a drum with the sound they were looking for. So, starting with a flat, circular disk of copper, we formed the ring shown in the pictures in our 250 ton hydraulic press. We then rolled the edges to form a lip and put a bead in the center.


Step 3: The Finished Product

Our final product looked as amazing as it sounded and our customer was thrilled with the result. It produced the perfect tone and exactly the drum they were looking for. This is the type of R&D we do when developing a new part, and we do it this thoroughly for each of our customers.