Metal Hydroforming

img_2243Hydroforming, another area of specialty at Hi-Craft Metal Products, is another form of deep drawing used to form more complex shapes. In hydroforming, a metal blank is first placed on a ring. A steel punch then rises through the ring, forcing the sheet metal up into a rubber diaphragm backed by a pressure dome filled with hydraulic fluid. The wear pad exerts uniform pressure over the outer surface of the part, forming it tightly against the tool.

There are two main hydroforming techniques, which use highly pressurized fluid to form either metal sheets or tubes. Hydroforming has the capability to create complex shapes and contours, and maintains high-quality surface finishes. Hi Craft Metal has the tools and years of expertise to meet and exceed any of your metal hydroforming requirements.

What are the Advantages of Hydroforming?

Compared to other methods, Metal Hydroforming has multiple advantages, including:

  • Complex shapes with contours are possible
  • Seamless bonding
  • Capable of producing stronger, lighter and more firm parts
  • Lower cost than stamped or stamped & welded
  • Maintains high-quality surface finishes
  • When combined with spinning, hydroforming produces high quality products with cost effectiveness

What Types of Products are Made by Hydroforming?

There are no limits on what you can create with us.Some of our most commonly manufactured products include:

  • Household: Air Ducts
  • Industrial: Aircraft parts, automotive parts, medical pumps, bicycle frames, HVAC, plumbing, aerospace, heating, high-end sports cars structures, construction components, agriculture components
  • Misc: Musical Instruments
  • Materials: steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, brass, high strength alloys, Inconel, Titanium Haynes 188, Monel, Lovar, Tantalum & copper, hot and cold rolled steel

View our gallery of products and hand spun metal styles here for other ideas and examples.

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