Deep Drawing

img_2245Hi-Craft Metal Products also boasts a wide range of Deep Drawing presses. Deep Drawing is a process for forming sheet metal between an edge-opposing punch and a die (draw ring) to produce a cup, cone, box or shell-shaped part. Deep drawing is often more cost-effective than spinning when the run quantity is very large and a high production rate is required.

Deep Drawing allows for the achievement of greater depth and diameter that may fulfill your requirements. Numerous re-draws to attain the desired depth are possible. Deep Drawing permits intricate designs to be precisely created.

Hi Craft Metal has the tools and years of expertise to meet and exceed your deep drawing requirements.

What are the Advantages of Deep Drawing?

Compared to other methods, Deep Drawing has multiple advantages, including:

  • Seamless parts and rolled edges are available
  • Rapid press time resulting in large product quantities produced in a short amount of time
  • Highly repeatable results in production consistency from one batch to another
  • Ideal for products required to be strong and lightweight
  • Reduction of material waste and cost
  • Products can be boxes, cylinders, bottles, cones, domes or complex and may be irregularly shaped with extraordinary detail
  • Commonly used technique for manufacturing small product parts such as electric relays, solenoids and hinges

What Types of Products are Made by Deep Drawing?

There are no limits on what you can create with us.Some of our most commonly manufactured products include:

  • Household: Writing instruments, cookware, kitchen sinks, beauty product containers, spice/seasoning caps, battery caps, fuse caps, pen and pencil clips
  • Industrial: Manufacture aluminum cans, boxes, canisters, domes, automotive connectors, hose connectors, thermocouple connectors, electrical pins, medical pins, automotive pins, electronic pins
  • Materials: Aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, plastic

View our gallery of products and hand spun metal styles here for other ideas and examples.

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