About Hi-Craft Metal Products

img_2266Founded in 1955 as a metal spinning job shop, Hi-Craft Metal Products has grown and expanded its capabilities to include deep drawing, stamping, and hydroforming. We have more recently included CNC spinning, beading, and trimming as part of our services as well. Hi-Craft is located in the city of Gardena, near downtown Los Angeles, but today we service a wide variety of industries worldwide. As a family owned and operated group, Hi-Craft is committed to producing quality parts on time at competitive prices, while still providing exceptional service. It is these family values that drive us to develop and nurture positive business relationships with our customers, vendors, employees and the surrounding community.

fullsizerenderOur primary area of expertise is the highly specialized process of Metal Spinning. In metal spinning, a flat metal disc is gradually forced by a roller onto a rotating mandrel, taking the shape of the mandrel. This combination of rotation and force shapes the blank into a cone, hemisphere, tube or other circular or cylindrical shape. Metal spinning remains extremely cost-effective today because it requires inexpensive tooling and can be applied to a wide variety of metals. CNC spin lathes are typically used for spinning large quantities, while, for smaller quantities, hand spinning remains.

Hi-Craft Metal Products also boasts a wide range of Deep Drawing presses. Deep Drawing is a process for forming sheet metal between an edge-opposing punch and a die (draw ring) to produce a cup, cone, box or shell-shaped part. Deep drawing is often more cost-effective than spinning when the run quantity is very large and a high production rate is required.