Metal Spinning

Hi-Craft’s primary area of expertise is the highly specialized process of Metal Spinning. In metal spinning, a flat metal…

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Deep Drawing

Hi-Craft Metal Products also boasts a wide range of Deep Drawing presses. Deep Drawing is a process for forming…

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Metal Hydroforming

Hydroforming, another area of specialty at Hi-Craft Metal Products, is another form of deep drawing used to form more…

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About Hi-Craft Metal Products

Hi-Craft was founded in 1955 as a metal spinning job shop. Over the years, our capabilities have expanded to include deep drawing, stamping, hydroforming, CNC spinning, beading and trimming. Today, we service a huge variety of industries that manufacture all over the world. We are located in the city of Gardena, near downtown Los Angeles.

Put our 50+ years of experience to work for you.  If it can be formed by spinning, deep drawing or hydroforming, we can form it.  Additional capabilities through partnering and outsourcing include heat treating, chrome plating, polishing, painting, powder coating and much more.

We can take your project all the way from design and development to full-scale production and delivery.  We can also provide very competitive pricing on parts already in production.  Hi-Craft’s unique combination of expertise and flexibility creates a true standout in the metalworking industry.


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